Avtar Monga

Guramrita has exceptional capabilities in managing relationships and driver results. She has a very pleasant personality and is very focussed on her delilverables. She exhibits lots of maturity and can operate at multiple levels of seniority and with people with diverse backgrounds.

Avinash Pandey

“Guramrita is a very energetic person who brings in a lot of enthusiasm and cheer around her.She is very good in putting systems & processes in place, has a keen eye for detail, is solution oriented and excellent at multi tasking.As a business partner of Guramrita’s, I am thoroughly impressed with her dedication to success […]

Ret. Col. Harish Puri

When I was asked to set up a new start up Telecom Networking company, there were no two guesses as to who was my first choice to head my HR Team – Guramrita Oberoi!! What she achieved at Associated Power Structures was beyond description. Together we set up a team of over 100 persons, formulated […]

Rosanne Gray

Guramrita worked with CottonConnect to develop our HR structures – as a growing business having clear policies and performance management processes in place was vital. Amrita brought with her experience from the corporate and start up worlds so was able to be flexible to the needs of our organisation, particularly in India.

Vijay Verma

Guramrita’s work as HR consultant is extremely fantastic. She created robust PMS policies for the company which is extremely appreciated and accepted by our company employees. She has given all required support while rolling out the new system. She has a very dynamic personality and problem solving attitude. I would recommend all SME’s and especially […]

Majid Iqbal

Guramrita advised me during the early stages of starting design#code. Her cool, calm, and trustworthy character instills confidence. She knows a lot about high-performing teams, having helped develop some at small and large enterprises. She can personify the conscience of a team, by recording core values, beliefs, and higher purpose of a team, and then […]