My Story…

My realization and awareness to ‘Just Be is a deeply personal chapter of my life. What emerged from a personal loss and setbacks was my life’s purpose. And that was to embark on a journey to find my ‘Be-Factor’, of discovering, embracing and being all that I can be. Because only in being fully present to who I am, can I use my full spectrum of creativity and contribute something meaningful back to life.

It was not an easy choice I made for myself as I battled uncertainty, years of conditioning and deeply held beliefs. ‘Just Be’ was born out of a humble attempt to create a shift within the corporate world, which has nurtured me professionally and continues to enrich me.

Being authentic and lowering your shield to ‘Just Be’ was an obscure and unusual path for the corporate stage that I have walked on. Having found endorsement and support from several corporate leaders, my core purpose for ‘Just Be’ is driven by my vision to co-create an inclusive and non-combative corporate stage. A space intended to constantly evolve as a nurturing platform for individuals and organisations who have the courage to “Just Be‟ and more importantly, thrive from their decision to ‘Just Be’. A decision that is fostered and nourished through self inquiry, simplicity, authenticity, empathy, sustainability and ecology. I belong here. And I hope you belong here too.

Love and Light,