Coaching Methodology

‘Just Be’ Coaching Methodology is a three-stage process, which helps clients gently disrupt all, that no longer serves them.
While our clients undergo the three-stage process, we:
Provide them with a nurturing environment which honors their vulnerability
Enable the clients to identify and thrive in their ‘Authentic’ expression
Acknowledge their journey so far and get them in dynamic state of acceptance and forward momentum, where ‘Now’ is a starting point

The Three-Stage Process:

Stage One: De-Layer
The truth is, we all wear social masks.
The truth is, we don’t even know who we truly are under all the layers of guilt, expectation, conditioning, beliefs and anxiety.
The coaching process helps peel-off masks we wear, hiding true feelings or intentions, slipping in and out of being authentic – to ourselves and others. We help our client’s de-layer and make them experience the newness, the rawness, the freshness of the skin underneath.

Stage Two: Tune-In
Many of us go through life disconnected from our inner self, looking for something else (or someone else) to complete us. The coaching process helps draw our awareness deeper inwards, so that we begin to feel supported, guided, and at peace.
We help clients release critical inner chatter of ego. We believe, when you get in-tune to your inner self, you are getting connected to your inner core. It is the wisdom seated in that ‘core’ which contains vital information about your past, present and future. Thus, it can give you clarity about your mission and goals in ‘life’.
It can take a little patience to find our way to this place of safety and strength within us.

Stage Three: Transform
It is in this stage of our coaching process that clients make decisions that reflect what they truly desire instead of what everyone else desires for them. It’s not about making irresponsible decisions; it’s about grasping the opportunity to have exactly what you want out of life.
We can all undergo a process of personal transformation or ‘metamorphosis’ , if we’re willing to let go of who we are to become who we truly want to be. And just like the caterpillar completely rearranges its form to emerge into something so beautiful, we too can emerge from our cocoon to transform into the best version of our unique wonderful self.

It is not the beauty of the butterfly what makes it so remarkable. It’s the changes it has gone through to achieve such beauty.

‘JUST BE’ – Listen In (De-layer + Tune-In) Live Out (Transform)