Circle Of Experts

We are deeply grateful for the amazing talent that has assembled in support of ‘Just Be’. Leaders in their fields – from performance psychology to branding, innovation, adventure sports, to organic farming and neuroscience–are helping us realize our mission to help people get in touch with their ‘Be-Factor’.

Get to know our team of ‘Wanderers’, ‘Explorers’, ‘Travelers’, ‘Dreamers’, ‘Creators’, ‘Transformers’ and ‘Ideators’.

Follow our work ; we make no small plans ever!

Our Mentors

It’s so essential to surround yourself with individuals who are ALREADY where you want to be.

‘Just Be’ is fortunate to have some great cheerleaders on-board. These are people who positively impact the world around them simply by the way they live their lives and the insights they share with those who cross paths with them.