Being An Empath Is A Superpower And A Struggle

The word “empathy” comes from two Greek words:emaptheia, which means
“passion,” andpathein, which means “to experience.”
Are you adeeply feelingperson. Much like a sponge, you have always absorbed the
moods of the people around you. Happy or sad, other people’s energy affects you?
You are the person others often turn to when they need to release their burdens, and,
for this, you are seen as a grounded, reliable character. Yes, you are sensitive, but you
seem to cope so well with the emotional turmoil that is thrust upon you.
Most people think empaths have a wonderful gift. While being empathic and
sensitive is an asset, it comes at a great cost. They are often misunderstood and
labeled as lazy or needy. Empaths suffer from anxiety, depression, stress,
professional burnout, and physical pain due to their gift.
Empaths sometimes struggle with daily life. They pick up on negative emotions from
other people and actually absorb those feelings onto themselves. They feel what
others are feeling in such an intense way that they struggle to live a normal, everyday
life. Empaths may not even be able to distinguish which emotions are their own and
which belong to someone else. They don’t compartmentalize well. They feel deeply
connected to everyone they care about, and the thing is, they care abouteveryone.

Because of this, empaths are often accused of being too sensitive, too emotional, or
dramatic.You shouldn’t let yourself be defeated by your powerful, yet challenging
gift. You can, with some practice, and with the support of those who love you, learn
to cope with the piercing severity of the emotions you experience. Your pain and hurt
can be eased, and you can learn to recognize which feelings are yours and which
come from external energy sources.
You needn’t live with your guard constantly up; there is a way to let others in without
becoming overwhelmed by what you feel. It comes through acceptance, earnest
effort, and the sheer will and determination to retain your prized quality.

“Empaths aren’t ‘too’ this or that. What others describe as ‘over-feeling’ is really just
being in-touch with emotions — theirs and yours.”

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